Teaching pet owners, students, and professionals in animal behavior, welfare, and training:

* Training, coaching, and treating behavioral problems for owners of dogs, horses, cats, and other pets.

* Tutoring, teaching, and proficiency verify students at the Ethology Institute in Applied Ethology.

* Offering private and group lessons, courses, talks, and other events.

* Conducts publication of scientific articles, etc.

Our approach

At etologi.dk, we apply scientific principles respecting the animal’s natural living conditions, species-specific behaviors, and ability to learn. Besides, our teaching aims to strengthen the interspecies communication relationship, emphasizing mutual understanding, and signal accordance.


Our teaching is for all who:

* Wishes to learn

* Are ready to change own routines/behavior towards their animal

* Asks any questions that may arise

* Are aware that their own results depend on personal commitment

Professional Values


Pedagogical contents with a high scientific standard, the result of many years of studies and continuous research, with the purpose of transmitting real knowledge to ​society.

Respect and Ethics

We promote a constructive and respectful debate as a way of learning, reflecting and developing regardless of the social, cultural, religious or moral standing of individuals.


We maintain our academic integrity by being totally independent of sponsorships or any kind of financing/external interests. We subsist only with the revenue of our services.

Approved by Ethology Institute

We are an Ethology Institute Approved Regional Education Provider (AREP). This international approval ensures that the content and quality of all courses provided follow high standards of education. Learn more about the Ethology Institute by clicking on the image.

Our animal training services

We offer training with dogs, horses, cats, guinea pigs, and other species. Online or physical with the trainer at the animal’s address as well as in small groups or a combination thereof.

Our teaching is adapted to the individual animal and owner. It is for all ages and range from beginner to advanced owners, ethology students as well as professionals. Begin today. 

We also offer personalised services and program courses for professionals in collaboration with Roberto Barata, CAAE-EIC.

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